CFP Information

The Alaska Sustainable Salmon Fund has opened a statewide call for proposals (CFP). Proposals and all associated documents must be uploaded on the proposal submission system by 6/12/2024 at 12:00 p.m.

All the forms and documents associated with this call are provided below (also available together as a zip file). Please thoroughly review the AKSSF Call for Proposals Instructions for CFP instructions and review the FAQs tab (also available in the proposal submission system). To complete your application, you must register your proposal in the proposal submission system, enter basic project information (including all investigator contact information), upload all completed documents, and submit the whole proposal by 6/12/2024 at 12:00 p.m. Please start early and allow ample time to enter your information and upload documents. If you have any questions, please contact AKSSF staff.

CFP Forms

2024 AKSSF Proposal Form
2024 AKSSF Statement of Work Form
2024 AKSSF Budget Spreadsheet
2024 AKSSF Applicant Certification Form
2024 AKSSF Federal Grant Management Capabilities Survey
2024 AKSSF Federal Authority Form
2024 AKSSF Third Party Match Contributor Form
2024 AKSSF 10% De Minimis Indirect Rate Form

Documents for Reference

2024 Call for Proposals Instructions
2024 AKSSF Objectives
2024 AKSSF Subaward Agreement sample
2024 AKSSF Scoring Guide
2024 AKSSF Match Guidance
2024 AKSSF Invoicing Policies and Procedures


AKSSF is offering a webinar on April 24 (9:00 – 10:30 a.m.) to help applicants understand the proposal development and project selection processes (please let me know if you wish to attend but cannot make this date). These workshops are a great opportunity to get your questions answered while learning how to avoid common proposal pitfalls. If you are interested in participating, please contact Debbie Maas (

Administrative Pre-Review (Optional)

Proposals submitted by 12 noon Alaska Daylight Time on May 29th will undergo a courtesy administrative review by AKSSF staff to determine basic responsiveness to the requirements of the call as described in the "Responsiveness Criteria" section of the Call for Proposals Instructions. Proposals submitted after this deadline are not eligible for administrative pre-review. AKSSF staff will contact the project investigators via the email(s) provided through the proposal submission portal and either confirm basic responsiveness or list insufficiencies, usually the same day the proposal is submitted. Deficient proposals must be corrected and resubmitted on the proposal submission portal before the CFP deadline to be responsive to the CFP. The contents of the final submission will be the official documents/information used for the final review. The scope of administrative reviews is limited to the criteria outlined in the "Responsiveness Criteria” section in the Call for Proposals Summary; thus, AKSSF staff will NOT evaluate or provide suggestions to improve any other aspects such as: strengths and weaknesses of the proposal; grammar, spelling, punctuation, or mathematical errors; coherency, accuracy, completeness, clarity, or appropriateness of the proposal and budget documents; content of Federal Grant Management Capabilities Survey(s) and associated documents; or other qualitative characteristics. As you will have the opportunity to revise documents after the pre-review, we encourage you to utilize this service even if your proposal is not yet finalized.

For technical support, questions, or comments, please contact Debbie Maas at